Kristine Rose-Walsh, M.Msc.

Raised in a traditional Judaic-Christian faith until the age of
10 years old, her exposure to life took a turn when her
Mother was introduced to the spiritual studies of the East.  
Soon Kristine's  family and spiritual beliefs became
"all-embracing" of the great religions, including the most
important corner-stones of spiritual practice;
meditation, prayer and affirmations.

Kristine started two accounting
firms in San Diego and Santa Barbara, CA
and subsequently became the Controller's Project
Specialist for a fast growing multi-located Aviation
Corporation traded on the American Stock Exchange.  

In the 90's Kristine embarked on a quest to bring her "gift"
into the mainstream as well as expand and integrate her
knowledge of Energy Healing and Aroma-therapy.

Kristine teaches year round a wide variety of
self-empowerment classes and workshops.  Devoted to
"six sensory" living and through the use of her intuitive
abilities, she has been able to assist others in the
achievement of spiritual, emotional and mental health
awareness resulting in personal healing.  

In 2002, Kristine started "Pacific Northwest Integrated
Energy Medicine" (PNWIEM), a Company
dedicated to self-resourcing, teaching and healing.

Since a young child, I have
always been drawn to two
great aspects of life,
that of Nature and
Spiritual Evolution.

Nature is God's gift to
each of us to rejoice,
restore and find
sustenance in.  Truly the
best kind of Church!

While the Soul's nature
aspires to learn more,
to love more and
evolve more as
Spiritual Beings.

Rev. Kristine Rose
Kristine is an Internationally renowned
Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Counselor.
She is a certified Energy Healer and
Therapeutic Medicinal Aroma-therapist.

Kristine has a degree in Metaphysics,
accredited through the
University of Arizona and a B.A. in
Ministry.  She has been studying the
healing arts since she was
a teenager  & professionally hung
her shingle in 1999.  

Kristine has studied the great world
religions and including the practice of
meditation for over 30 years.
Kristine Rose-Walsh, M.Msc.
Intuitive ~ Spiritual Life Coach ~ Teacher