Have you tuned up
your Chakras lately?

Our Chakra formulas are
perfect for balancing,
harmonizing and maintaining
healthy& vibrant chakras.

For the use in your
meditation, affirmation and
yoga practice.  Great anytime
you feel you need to cleanse
balance or harmonize
your Chakras!

Baby Blessings®
Christening Anointing

Liquid Chiropractor®
Joint, tendons, muscles

Heal Your Heart®
Frequency of Love &

Fear Extractor®
Release & Bloom

Go For it!®

Love,Love, Love®
Just Amore'

OM Shanti OM®
3rd Eye Blessing

Get Grounded!®
Foot Chakra Opener

7th Heaven®
Connect with the Divine

Custom Formulas
per consultation

5 ml. Each
1st ChaKra      Grounding

2nd ChaKra     Raw emotion

3rd ChaKra      Chi and will power

4th ChaKra       Love & Healing

5th ChaKra       Communication

6th ChaKra       Intuition

7th Chakra        Higher Self

5 ml. Each
PNW-IEM Disclaimer

All IEM Workshops and
Readings/Counseling are for
educational purposes only.

IEM Formulas and their information
have not been evaluated by the Food
and Drug Administration.

IEM Practitioners and IEM Formulas do
not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or
prevent any disease.

Therapeutic Medicinal Aromatherapy
PNW~IEM uses only "certified organic" Therapeutic Essential Oils.
All formulas are tested for the highest hertz, weight and aromatic quality.  Gem Elixirs
are prepared with a  minimum of 15 carats per mineral.  All Flower Essence tinctures  
are "organic" and grown in the Pacific Northwest.  
During formulation our blends are infused with the sound vibrations of Hindu and
Tibetan Chants.  Use with your yoga, meditation or affirmation practice.....and they
are wonderful as a natural perfume.
Truly spiritual medicine for your Mind, Body & Soul!

Our formulas are now on store shelves near you!
Proprietory Blends
Chakra Medicinal Oils

Chakra Anointing Oils®
Proprietary Blends
Kristine Rose-Walsh, M.Msc.
Intuitive ~ Spiritual Life Coach ~ Teacher