Kristine Walsh is an IEM
Practitioner®, Intuitive Life Coach,
Teacher , T.E.O. Formulator and  

Rev. Kristine has been an Energy Healer,
Formulator and Minister since 1999 and has
studied  world religions and the practice of
meditation and prayer for over 3 decades.   
From a very young age, Kristine  has been
able to perceive the subtle energies
emanating from objects, people and their
environments .  
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Since a young girl, I have always
been drawn to two great aspects of life,
that of nature and of self evolution.  
Nature is the inevitable thumb print for
all to rejoice and find sustenance in.  
While the Soul's nature aspires
to learn more, to love more and
evolve more as Spiritual Beings.

I feel a deep compassion
for all who walk the path of their
own personal evolution.........  
And It is my Soul's work
to assist & support my Clients
in identifying their soul's
work through
Intuitive Guidance.  

Rev. Kristine Walsh

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As a child she experienced what she called "dreams".  She would tell her
Mother what was going to happen that day, indeed it would happen and
then her Mother would ask, "How do you know these things?".  Kristine
would simply say, "I dreamed it!".

Through her devotion to "six sensory" living and through her skills to align
energies with "spirit" she has been able to assist others to achieve  
spiritual, emotional and mental health awareness and personal healing.  

In 2002 Rev. Walsh started "Pacific Northwest Integrated Energy
Medicine" (PNWIEM), an Organization dedicated to  Self-Resourcing ,
Teaching and Healing.
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